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A little red hat

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I have been working on knitting a little red hat, with help from the boys, for months now. I’m a slow knitter, for sure. But I’m steady. And every project I’ve taken on since picking up knitting needles a few years ago has taught me something new. For one thing, this little hat—destined for a little neice this Christmas—was simple. I know my limits (in attention). Maybe that’s why following a complicated pattern seems more like work than relaxation, which is how I think of knitting something like this.


This time, I learned the kitchener stich. Imperfect as this first go was, this weaving of two ends together is typically done at the toes of socks to make a seamless toe. I watched a great Knit Witch tutorial, and dove right in. I apparently didn’t pay attention to the urging to PAY ATTENTION and eliminate distractions while you’re doing it. The process isn’t complicated; you just have to keep track of the pattern. I got sidetracked (go figure). But the seam will still be soft and secure.


The boys knitted several rows and each made a pom pom, which we got the hang of making after several goes with our new Clover small pom pom maker (hours of entertainment!). As I was preparing to wrap the hat up, I got a bit nostalgic—and suddenly remembered having read somewhere that every item you knit reminds you of the time you’ve spent knitting it, and what was happening in your life while you were at it. In my case, given how long my proects take, I end up covering a lot of ground. That means thinking a lot about the little person who will wear it, too.


I finished the hat off last month, in the throes of what has been a long spell of hospital-grade illness (complications from strep followed by mono, but I’m getting stronger every day). As I sat by the fire, conserving as much energy as possible, what’s most important just bubbled up. The love I felt from those around me, who supported, surprised, and fed us for weeks, made me feel so warm inside. And I figured, even with this simple little hat, a litle extra love never hurts.


Wishing you all a beautiful, restful, and healthy New Year.

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